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"The All England Lawn Tennis Club has always enjoyed working with Flashcat. The team is highly creative, dedicated and delivers high production standards. They understand our requirements and provide a top quality service."

- Philip Brook - Chairman, AELTC - 

​"Cathy Jones is a stand-out Series Producer who applies strong editorial skills and production know-how with rigor and unquenchable good humor. She is persuasive, dynamic, creative & focussed and altogether a real joy to work with."

- Bridget Sneyd - Executive Producer - 

"Cathy is cool, calm and conscientious. She has an appreciation of the bigger picture as well as the fine detail of a series, that only comes from solid experience, she is also one of those people you just want to have on your team."

- Jacqueline Hewer - Creative Director Brown Bob Productions - 

"IMG is delighted to recommend Flashcat to any potential business prospects".


- Graham Fry MD - Production Worldwide IMG Media- 

"As a scriptwriter, I have enjoyed working with Flashcat enormously and am always proud to be associated with Cathy Jones work. She is a real talent."

- Andrew Longmore - The Sunday Times - 

​"Cathy Jones series produced The Z Team, a factual entertainment ob doc series. Cathy did a terrific job. She is a true leader and was a pleasure to work with"

- Jonney Steven  - Executive Producer - 

​"Yellow Brick Music has had the fortune to work with Catherine Jones and her fabulous Flashcat team on a number of occasions. Jones can turn her hand (and brain) to deal with every genre and her skill at engaging and capturing the spirit of the client is second to none."

- Meredith Cork - MD YellowBrick Music - 

​​"I've worked with Flashcat many times; they are always full of energy, always professional, and always fun."

- Chris Blackwell - Composer - 

"Cathy Jones takes charge and gets "it" done, no matter that "it" is. She's a real pro with great instinct, personality and contacts. Most importantly, she is well-respected by those who have worked with her... and anyone who works with her is eager to do it again."

- Rosie Crews  -  SVP, Communications World Team Tennis - 

​​"Cathy was brilliant - very professional, resourceful and experienced. We'd love to have her back."

- Hal Arnold - Little Dot Studios -