The Z Team 

The Moment Content Company (the Twofour Group)


Produced for the Olympic Channel with The Moment Content Company.


An eight-part observational documentary series featuring under-performing teams who receive help from successful Olympians.


Olympic Channel/The Moment Content Company



Series Producer: Cathy Jones

Executive Producers: Bridget Sneyd & Jonney Steven 

Edit: Matt Geraghty

Facilities: Twofour

“Cathy Jones series produced The Z Team for The Moment, a factual entertainment, observational documentary series for the Olympic Channel. It was a challenging project to deliver; tricky casting, filming with small teams all around the world, a very tight turnaround and all for a brand new channel. Cathy did a really terrific job; she is a true leader and was a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any potential employer. ”

- Jonney Steven, Executive Producer, The Moment Content Company -